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The Argo Pledge Class was organized February 14, 1972 and received it's name from an incident that occurred on the mentioned night. One of the brothers stole the Argo Drinking Cup and blamed it on the pledges to stir up some spirit within the Brotherhood. Time marched on and the Cup showed up as mysteriously as it had disappeared. The Pledgemaster then gave us our rules for the pledge raids and our notorious reputation was about to begin. Rick Hardy, Fred Antoon and Willie Lach bombed the "Pit" with a barrage of barrel bombs and were almost caught by the cops, and if it weren't for the gall of Willie, all three of them would be behind bars.

The next week all but two pledges piled into Willies car. One of the two was caught and the other out ran the brothers, and the gang in the car broke into the "Pit" and waited for the brothers to come back. Although the brothers thought it was a dynamite idea, they gave us hell for breaking and entering.

We got down to business and did our service projects to fill our requirements. The going must've been rougher than some had anticipated for the group dropped from 13 to 11 then to 10 then to 11 again when one was convinced to stick with it by a fellow brother.

International Fair, Amherst Fair, and the most sacred of all events, Walk‑Out arrived and departed only to bring each brother closer together, closer than they were the day before.

Our class was better than most; numerous, brawny, troublesome, and of course broke. We saw plenty of good times and few bad times, but nevertheless they were there. We were the only class in recent memory to have had more trouble with the cops than with fellow brothers. All of it is history now, only to be passed on by the people who made it happen and the History of the Argo Pledge Class

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