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International Fair was supervised by that leader of men and follower of women, Larry Carpentier. The pledges put in a lot of service hours making display booths and setting them up at the God-awful hour of midnight. A lot more went to the fair then is shown here. After it was set up, we had to usher it and tear it down after the fair was over. Everyone though, even the big cheese like Bromery and Gage had a hell of a time and Larry walked away with a shitload of brownie point.

Steve Noyes: "If I trade in my books will you give me a ticket to the International Fair?"

Rick Claire: "If you throw in your eraser it's a deal!"

The plainclothes policewoman bags Steve for selling I.F. tickets without a license. Here she demonstrates the breath test that she wants Steve to take. Steve remarked that due to the communicable diseases transported from one moth to another via that balloon, he'd use his own balloons that he carries in his wallet for just such an occasion.

Gary Zarcone: "Willie you look dead just leaning on that door with your hands under your ass. What's eating you?"

Willie: "Crabs."

Joe Agundez gives his undivided attention to Rick Claire while he whistles "Camptown Races".
Besides being one of the items lost that night, Rick was the banker. Later he told how some kid tried to change a 35 cent piece. When asked how he knew it was phony, Rick answered, "They only made 35 cent pieces out of bronze, his was copper".
Popular Rick Hardy with the money from the cashier's box. Here he treats some of his women to some Korean rice.
Steve Snyder stands next to one of the brutal campus policemen. Don't let his physique fool you. He can stop any man with one finger: he'll pull the trigger. Steve holds his stomach after receiving a vicious side kick.
With the way La Tete felt that night.... we'll forgive him.

Rick Hardy: "hay Rick, see that girl La Tete's dancing with? Well she says she's had her eyes out on you all night and she's going to ask you to dance next".

Rick Claire: "Quick, find me the key to the ticket booth"!

One of the many specimens on exhibit at the International Fair. Shown here is a Homo Sapien Erectus. Notice the modern safety features like the hole in the window.
One of the many exhibits that the students and faculty just adored. Just look at the pleased expression on this greaser in the foreground.
Just picture yourself on a ship in the Pacific; and as the sun slowly sinks in the West, out on the island of Nookie Nookie you can hear the call of the wild love bird; "SEX, SEX".
One of the service project of APO consisted of setting up 2500 chairs for Pat Paulsen at the Cage. We did it in less than two hours! 1


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