Last update August 2, 2008

The pledges salute the best brother Leo Edmonds at the home of pledgemaster Vernie Hatch.

The gang. The only two not present were Steve Hudjik and Willie Lach. An "unimaginable" time was had by all present.

Leo and Rick try to amuse the audience with a Venus Flytrap imitation.

Our honored brother Leo Edmonds, exhausted after the stripper's show. He later passed out during her encore.


Carl Gerdez staring at an indefinable point in space after having a Bud.

Comedian-magician Sandy Lyman was a hell of an entertainer at the Whatly Inn where we took Leo for dinner during Walkout.








Magician comedian Sandy Lyman presents Leo the Swan Award after Leo lost his cool while watching the stripper.

Leo's Swan Award. After it deflated he'll use them as ... well, you can only guess what he'll use them for!

Two of the pledges that are drunk for the first time. Notice the beer stains on their teeth.


Pledge class officers get the benefits of a beer. Here vice president Rick Claire relaxes after a hard pledge period.

The brotherhood finds the clue in Walkout and beats the clock to the hideout - Vernia's shack.
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