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Everyone loves Settlers of Canton

Simone, Brian M, Steve-O, Hillary after realizing we have no gas at the campsite.

Then Ranger Dan turned on the gas. Thanks Ranger Dan!

Steve Pot. Make your own damned joke.

and then we melted snow to wash dishes 'cause the water wasn't on.

It's 10 degrees with a windchill of -15. Outdore ceremony? Why not?

Why Dennis. What a hot assyou must have!

Elsa receives her nickname , "Dodge Ball".

Amanda N receives her nickname "Short Buns".

Kate, aka "Port-smart full-of-heart Barbie" glares at the camera.

Randy, everyone's favorite "Crash Test Dummy".

NIB's at Cabin

Add their Bigs

Jamie and Plankey melt snow Ooooh!

Elsa, Dennis, and Simone play Egyptian Rat Screw.

Carousing at Cabin

Lunch in Keene, Sunday morning.

Second Initiations, Nibles and Bigs.
Amanda Justin
Christa Karen
Dennis Katie G
Elsa Katie T
Erik Penis
Hillary Randy
Jenna Simone
Jess Steve-O
Name Big Nickname
Amanda N Allie Short Bus
Christa Stephanie Southern Belle
Dennis Julio The Menece
Elsa Patrick Dodge Ball
Erik Artie Whammer Jammer
Hillary Moriah Brailamole
Jenna Melissa Fresh Princess
Jess Kim Punchline
Justin Sara Red Bull
Karen Chris W. Pokie Joe
Katie G. Amanda Argio La Enfermea
Katie T. Kate W. Part -smart, full-of-heart Barbie
Randy Debbi Crash Test Dummy
Simone Jamie Harrison Space Cadet
Steve Ericen The Great Orgasmo

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