Pledges prepare a scrapbook before banquet.

Kathy, Katie and Hillary wearing letters.

Steve tries the Touch of Death on Elsa.

Pat receives the Butch LaCroix award from the pledge class.

Plankey receives a DSK...

... and the Argo Cup

Dennis and his blinding halo.

Pat receives the Arlecx Cup

Jaine finally gets her paddle!

Allie and Amanda exchange paddles.

Steve and Erica exchange paddles.

Jenna and Melissa ... etc.

Elsa glows over her cinderblock.

Steve-O and Plankey cut a rug.

Frank, Amanda, Katie and Melissa admire the Pledge Class book.

Plankey tries to dance with Josh but ...

Dennis, Sara, Justin ... too cool to banquet!

Amanda and Lisa glare inquisitively at the camera.

Hillary, Simone, Elsa, Katie, Jenna, Jess, Christa, and Amanda strick a pose.

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