Camp White Birch
March 3-5, 2002

Credit for photos and captions, unless noted otherwise, given to period Chapter Historian.

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Move over Baywatch cast! From left: Emily, Gibbler, Brian, Kringle, Chris, and Amanda A.

Gibbler dives off the dock.

Laura and Rachel B.

It took a LOT of persuading to get Emily to pose for this photo (don't look too closely at her crotch).

Kringle prepares to cut a splinter out of Jake's foot with a leatherman (sadly, this caption is not a joke).

Brian and Olaf allow Amanda M. and Michele (not pictured) to judge their asses. Amanda and Michele were hoping to show the men "what its like to be objectified," but the men really didn't seem to mind.

Gibbler stretches, while wearing a "Project Stretch" shirt. Isn't the precious?

Olaf, pre-cartwheel

We make a run for it.

The Spring '99 pledge class: clockwise from top left - Crispy, Bec, Tarah, Michele, Amanda M., Rachel C., Emily, Ally.

A short lived volleyball match (see adjacent photo)

Plankey, Chris, and Olaf prepare to unleash water balloon fury on the unsuspecting volleyball players.

Bigs and Littles: Rachel W. and Jeremy

Bigs and Littles: Debbi and Rachel B.
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