Last updated: Tue, August 5, 2008

1-2-3 ... Jess is out and Chad is the winner!

Back massage chain
Chad, Justine, Jess, Mindy

Julio ... just hangin'

Julio ... muscle man!

Off to Boston with ...
Mark, Pendar, Julio, Jess, Jeff

Photo Opportunity in Copley
Jeff, Julio, Pendar
Chad, Jess, Franci, Mark, Jeff M.

Christine and Stacey work on theirr crafts along with ....

... Julio and Jeff

Brogie and Andrea smile

Justine and Chad ...

The sexy brothers at MIT banquet
Andrea and Christine

Beautiful - just beautiful

Quick picture before dinner
Mindy and Justine

The pledges (some)
Julio, Ellen, Jeff
Gabe, Pendar, Yvonne

Family tree
Andrea, Mindy, Yvonne

Jeff, what a beautiful....string corsage??!

Go Franci

Swing it Jeff

You go girl

Pendar has got the moves

Hold on tight Jess! Don't drop her Chad.

Mark, Chad, Justine, Pendar, Heather
Stacey Jeff, Jess, Ellen

Dance break
Jeff and Jess keep grovin'
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