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Jeff, Pendar, and Ryan are ready for the log chopping

Sarah you lumberjack you

You know what happens when you stick your tongue at the historian Gio?......

... Snowball fight with Mark and Kulmeet ... Teaching Gio a lesson

The Happy Crew
Greg, Jeff, and Sara

Enjoying the snow and COLD!
Joe, Franci, Mark, Jeff, Jeff F, Carl and Ryan

Chess Time
Gio and Andrew ... with Krystal watching

Deep in Concentration
Mindy and Gio

Time to eat!
How many in the kitchen?

Time to Fly!
Gregg giving Jeff a little lift

Greg ... how is "Hatchet"

Jess ... its a perfect fit!
The new Daniel Boone. Can we pat your hat?!

Joe, Carl, and Sally helping Julio fix his pledge pin's placement

The Social-dancing ladies
Tanya and Mindy

The Pledge Class - cute bunch - practicing the toast song

Greg, Ryan
Sakar, Gio, Pendar
Kulmeet, Jamie, Julio

Carl, light our fire baby!

Bonfire and s'mores ... can't get any better than this
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