Last update August 2, 2008

A raid was planned at our wonderful weekly Wednesday pledge meeting on April 12. On Thursday, April 13 at 5:30, the following brothers were selected as primary victims of this dastardly deed: Larry Post, Paul Souza (and anyone else at the Pit). Secondary victims were Charlie Mavrelion, A1 Achterhof, Putza and Frank Evans

Our beautiful plan was foiled by the fact that only two victims were captured,

Larry and Paul, who by the way, Was the first president ever to be taken on a raid!!

Larry was given permission to dress in sweats, then was tied, gagged and driven down to Iota Gamma Upsilon where Larry fraternized with the women. On the way out to the car, Larry let two strangers (women ‑what else?) sign their initials on his back.

Our next stop was at Kappa Kappa Gamma, where Larry and Paul were well received by all the women. After getting their share of ass, we dragged Larry (Paul walked out on his own) back to the car where he made two unsuccessful attempts to escape.

After meeting Vernie in front of Hasbrouck, we decided to go to Puffton to look for brothers while Vernie took Larry with him to the gas station to fill the car. At the gas station Larry again tried to escape, but failed. After meeting again Hasbrouck, we decided to take them into the hills.

"Up in the mountains where nobody goes... " we made Larry take off his clothes. Then we dumped honey on his balls and spaghetti on his head with a pinch of grape jelly up his ass. Paul Souza came out of the ritual with honey on his beard.

Now the fun begins. As Willie led the way out of the woods, he was stopped by this asshole cop who ordered everyone to produce I.D.'s. After taking everyone's names and registrations of the cars he told us he received a call from a gas station that a kidnapping was in progress (that was when Larry tried to escape from the car). After a hard time trying to convince the fool that it was a precious ceremony symbolizing the bond between the brothers of ALPHA PHI OMEGA he let us go, thus ending the evening and the pledge raid period. The pledges had won!

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