Last update August 2, 2008

It was Sleazo's last Cup Party and final Walkout. Everyone was there: the old counts, the new counts and the discounts. They were throwing camel shit for the sport of it- camel shit, you see, because bullshit had not yet been invented.

From the west came Busco.

"Busco what," asked the king, Paul Souza.

"Dumb Busco," said David Stryke.

"That's a dirty Polish word," said the president. "I shall throw you in the Pit for thirty days and give you nothing but Exlax and water."

"I shall die" said David.

"And so will the roaches from all your shit," said the president, and shit he did, for what the president said in‑those days was law.

"Where is my woman?" asked the president.

"Your woman is in her quarters dangling from the Dink of the Duke of Hatch, pulling the pink prick of the Prince of Post" said a dirty old Charlie Mavrelion.

"FFF FFF Fuck her!" said Kurtzman and 37 A P O members stripped and ran for the woman's quarters for what the officers said in those days was law. " La tete come forth "but la tete came fifth mainly because he was a slower runner and also because he slipped in a pile of camel shit which was thrown at Maggiore. Maggiore ducked, it hit the president and the president said, "Shit" and 37 A P O members strained for what the president said in those days was law.

"Due to the fact that too many pledges were initiated this year, we'll need more land to give the pledges more service, hours next year," said Frank Evans.

Upon hearing this, Rick Hardy jumped up and kicked Frank right in the balls and said, "How's that for a couple of free acres!!"

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