Last updated August 1, 2008

Service projects this semester included registration aides, book exchange, ushering for the Small Schools’ Basketball Tournament, ushering for the Theater Guild production of Three-Penny Opera, Easter projects, Belchertown State School, Camp Anderson, blood drives, the S.C.R.E.W. Award, a conservation project at Puffer’s Pond, and of course Amherst Fair.  The Easter project was held, appropriately enough, one Easter Sunday.  On this project the Easter Bunny (alias LaTete) went to several housing projects for the elderly with some of the brothers of APO and some of the sisters of GSS in an attempt to bring some measure of happiness to our senior citizens.  The following pictures show LaTete and his friends in action.

Hi, there. I'm the Easter Bunny.
The Easter Bunny Demonstrates his famous monodigital distress signal.
"Shame on you, Easter Bunny."
"Hello there, kiddies. This is the Easter Bunny with all the little putsas here at the Coffee Pot. The secret word for today is squanka-danka."
This is pledge Paul Souza engaging in his more strenuous exercises, namely waking up.
The Easter Bunny is backed up by his famous sidekick, Ronnie-pooh.
"Who's that idiot over there with the camera?"
Watch out, there's some odd ball running around with a camera.
"Now if you see some weird guy with a camera, belt him in the schnozz."
The Easter Project was followed by a spaghetti dinner at Farley Lodge, a sort of post-service, semi-fellowship type of affair. Here are some of the brothers engaging in a lively after-dinner conversation.
The significance of this picture , unfortunately, escapes me at the moment.


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