Projects like Belchertown, Camp Anderson, and Blood Drive are done every semester and need to be carried out successfully. Needless to say they always are. One of the secrets of the successful implementation of the larger projects of a Blood Drive organizational meeting serve to illustrate this point. This pictures, incidentally, were taken in 1970 when the illustrious Jim Giblin (also known as Gib-o) was president but are of significant historical interest since they were taken during a rare moment when Gib-o was sober.

?, Jim Giblin '71, Ron Kurtzman '72

"Meeting will come to order."

"Move to adjourn"

"But we haven't started yet."

"OK, what do you think, Claire?"

"Personally, I think we have the situation well under control."
?, Claire Briana GSS '73, ?

"Good enough. Move to adjourn."

"OK, meeting's adjourned."

"Where'd he go?"

"OK, who's got the beer?"
Seriously, though, Blood Drive is always a very successful project. In the Spring of 1971 we were able to collect a record 871 pints of blood thanks to the efforts of APO, GSS and University Women, the Senior Citizen's Club of Amherst, the American Red Cross (who sponsor the Blood Drive every semester), and of course all those who donate their blood.

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