And of course there was the Fall Banquet. This semester's banquet was held on the tenth floor of the Campus Center and was very successful affair according to banquet chairman Al Arcidiacono. This particular banquet was a bit different in that the meal was a buffet style rather than the usual formal service type arrangement. As always the new brothers were well represented at their first banquet. The following pictures show a few of the people and activities of the Fall Banquet of 1971.

Returning alumnus Jim Giblin shows some of the less experienced undergrads the correct way to prepare for the banquet.

Some of the early arrivals wait to file in.

This, of course, is the head table.

Here we see some of the new brothers and their dates.

And, of course, some of our more established members.

This is Leo Edmunds looks like to one who has had about seven 7&7's (or the equivalent thereof).

This is Ork blowing his nose at the banquet. Please don't get the wrong idea about Ork. He was simple caught in a compromising situation at the wrong time. It could happen to anyone. Well almost anyone. Actually, it could only happen to Ork.


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