Another thing that should at least be mentioned in passing is your average, typical brotherhood meeting. There were some rumblings at the beginning of the semester that brotherhood meetings were too dull but they definitely livened up as the semester wore on. Congratulations are probably in order to President Gary Zarcone for an excellent job over the past year. We look forward to more of the same under newly-elected President Paul Souza. The following pictures show one of our last meetings at Memorial Hall plus a few extracurricular activities.

Gary Zarcone conducts his last meeting as president.

And lights up a big, humungus cigar to celebrate.

Needless to say, Kappa Omicron brotherhood meetings are the epitome of dignity, protocol, and proper parliamentary procedure.


A special individual pre-initiation ritual was performed on each pledge after he was informed of his acceptance into the brotherhood.

This is newly elected President Paul Souza (from the waist up) afte he too was duly initiated(?). Congratulations, Paulie.

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