The following excerpt is believed, based on its location in the Chapter's photo album, to be from the January 1965 or March-April 1965 Alumni Newsletter...

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Four brothers of Kappa Omicron Chapter journeyed to the Mile High City for the opening of the 16th National Convention of Alpha Phi Omega of the December 27 this past year. Chapter President, Marty Rosenberg, and brothers Ross Jones, Mike Berrini, and Don Haynes were attending.

A new National President was elected during the business session on Tuesday the 29th of December. The President of APO is now Dr Thomas Galt. To illustrate APO's prominence on the national scene, The Governor of Oregon, Honorable Mark C. Hatfield, was elected National Third Vice President. Reelected as National First Vice President was E. Ross Forman and Area Representative from New York Dr. Glen T. Nygreen is the Second Vice President.

After three hectic days of committees, elections and an occasional banquet, our tired representatives made their way back across country by horseless carriage. There were a few occasions when they wished there had been a horse they could have kicked - instead of Ross Jone's car. After many trials and much driving they arrived on campus Sunday to cheerily start classes again on Monday.

An official report on the Convention by our incumbent President is forthcoming in our next newsletter.

The Limon Show Choir, which entertained after the final banquet of the convention, on Tuesday, December 29. They sang four songs.
This picture was taken from the 15th floor of the "Denver Club", a club owned by Mike Berrinid's "Uncle". In the center right is the State House.
This was also taken from the Denver Club, and is facing directly West, looking at the Rocky Mountains.
Taken from the 16th floor of the Brown Palace Hotel (Mike's and Marty's room).
Here, M. R. Disborough, a member of the National Executive Board, is presiding over the Legislative Session on Tuesday afternoon. Seated at his right will be noticed a very pretty young lady: the PARLIAMENTARIAN. Leaping and screaming , as you may imagine, was kept at a minimum; a smart play on the part of the program chairman.
Taken at the closing banquet, on Tuesday, December 28. Dr Steig, former National President, is standing at the left, with his back to us, talking on the phone with Sargent Shriver, calling long distance from Washingtom to congragulate APO on its 40th anniversary. Joe Scanlon, National Executive Director is the distinguished looking, white haired gentleman standing under the left "Alpha Phi Omega" banner. Don Haynes may also be noticed in the lower right hand corner (can't miss that beard).
Between the backs of the heads of two of our brethren from the University of Illinois, may be noticed the Keynote speaker and chairman of the morning legislative session, the Honorable H. Roe Bartle.
A view of several of the delegates leaving the ballroom after adjournement of the legislative session. The hats worn by the delegates were prepared by each individual delegation which was 'pushing' for their city as a location for the '66 Convention.

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