The following pictures were contained in that same section of pages in the Chapter's photo album. All are believed to be related and concern a service project at Camp Jollee. However, only those three photographs below with captions, specifically refer to an event at Camp Jollee.

Bonny Clapp, Dave Arlen, Dick Longo, Jack Kooyoomjian, and Steve Pretanik, taking a "work" break, at Camp Jollee on October 3, 1964. Bonny is eating one of the apples "accidentally" knocked off of a nearby tree.

Marty Rosenberg here shows off his car, which he is very proud of, and which he is desperately trying to get off his hands. The pipe he is nibbling on was just given to him by Joel Cassola, since Joel turns green within 100 feet of cigarette smoke.
Bonny Clapp provides a one girl audience, while Fay Crossley takes a curtsy for her recent debut as "senior soil slinger" at Camp Jollee.

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