Pat & Erin beating up on each other. Friendship, indeed.

Alana's bed is a little rickety. Let's SHAKE IT!

Carey: Starving artist/Rock star with six kids. What a life to aspire to, eh?

Elsa & Rachel

Carey gets her nickname "Gummy Worm."

Erin & Alli/ Here we go again with those sketchy blindfolds...

NIBLES! Carey, Diana, Dan, Shaun, Naima & Alli.

Add BIGS...

Michelle spoons with an unknown forehead.

Simone & Carey have a celebratory eating match.

Michelle & Amanda - Chubby Bunny.
"Stuff marshmallows into mouth one at a time and say 'Chubby Bunny' each time until you explode or barf"
Hmm... This looks strangely familiar. Perhaps a new APO tradition!

Craig Donnais - Winner!

Gary Geugo, John Quint, Maryann Bertolini
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