2004 Spring Pledge Class

Rachel, Greg and Gwenn in the elevator

Jay and Erin.....Jay was being punished and had to do elevator operator in one of the towers in Southwest

Gwenn, Jay and Erin

Mike, Karen and Jill watching and making fun of everyone else ice skating

Michelle, Alana and Rachel...torturing Alana on the ice

Alana and Rachel ice skating hand in hand

Jen takin a break

Amanda, Artie, Jill and Greg passing out water at the Boston Marathon

Jay refilling cups

Justin, Elsa, Crispy

Jen, Maestro


Chrystal refilling the jugs

Brian helping clean up after the runners past by

Pledge Class Service Project

Gwenn, Rachel and Debbie

Alana, Debbie, Chrystal, Rachel, Gwenn, Jill, Erin and Artie at Fill the Hill

Erin, Artie, Michelle and Karen

Chrystal, Jill, Alana and Debbie

Debbie, Alana, Gwenn and Rachel

Artie making his way to Fill the Hill

Rachel, Jill and Jen

Alana, Amanda, Rachel, Elsa, Jen, Debbie, Jill, Mike, Karen, Erin, Chrystal and Jay at Cabin

Karen and Jill at Cabin

Jay, Plankey, Brian and Pat chopping wood at Cabin

Alana and Rachel playing frisbee at Cabin

Karen attempting to pull a log out of the ground

Rachel got flipped because her pledge pin was upside down

Michelle participating with Habitat for Humanity

Sara doing the same

Jen and Greg

Alana, Rachel, Greg and Erin...Rachel and Greg tryed on the boy scout t-shirts they found at Cabin

Marie, Michelle, Jay, Erin and Chrystal all sleeping on long tables at Cabin because there weren't enough beds

Marie, Michelle, Jay, Erin, Chrystal, Rachel, Jill, Alana and Debbie

Everyone sleeping at Cabin

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