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Mike, Karen, Frank, Judy, Packy, Moriah & Kate

Rachel, Alana, Renee, Phil, Hillary, Elsa, Patrick & Simone

Mike & Jay

Moriah & Kate

Pledge Trainers Rachel, Elsa, Melissa
NIBLES Laurie & Renee

Jen, Amanda & Scott

Alana & Renee

Laurie & Gwenn

Karen & Mike wins the "Honey-Do" Award
Mike seems to really like it

DJ Mix Master Mike

Joe & Alissa Santoro receive the Alumni Mile Award

Alumni ... and some guy wearing AWSOME pants

My what a good looking family...
Lisa, Joe, Patrick, Alana, Renee
Kate, Melissa, Elsa, Rachel

Laurie, Marie, Gwenn, Karen & Michelle

Kimmy "Gibbler" receives the Frank J. Evans Award

DSK Holders

Patrick receives the DSK Congradulations, Pat!!!

Group action, Part Deux

This book is lovingly dedicated to:
for her hard work
her sense of humor
and her great dance moves

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