Around the Office

Credit for photos and captions, unless noted otherwise, given to period Chapter Historian.

Last updated: Thu, July 24, 2008

The coolest ceiling on campus

Noodle Bowls and Buuitos consumer - approx 985
Memories - countless

The man with the flag on his wheel chair

Michelle: Office hours, Never/By appointment only
(she doesn't want to see your ugly mug)

Karen smells like a bundle of goats

Gwenn: "And Michelle can be the lesbian gym teacher."

Alana: "So...when is New Years Eve?"

Marie: "Michelle, when you go to the Chancellors house, you should set up a hidden camera, and make a website. Call it 'Chance-cam.'"

Simone: "Our motto is, 'No fruit unless it's dry.'"


Beware! The office goddess
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