Introducing pledges to the ever-popular "Talk Dirty to Me".

Olorf decides to take his mattress out for a walk.

"French toast? No problem!"

Dennis, Hillary, Karen and Jenna take a break from slaving over the stump.

Perhaps Jess did something naughty...

Steve doing something naughty.

Mmmmm .... Dinner!

Jenna, Dennis, Jess, Hillary, and Brian the morning after.

Crazy people swimming...

Not so crazy people knitting.

The pledge class listening to Brian and Brian with rapt attention.

Steve wears fork, film at 11.

Sarah and Pat clear brush.

"What are we supposed to do again?"

Katie and Katie dismember an evil tree.

Randy has fun with the chainsaw.

Got wood? Steve-O does.

"That's all righr Mr. Tree. It's just a simple proceedure"

Brian P. pokes Hillary with the proverbial 10 ft pole.

Moving a tent platform.

Brian P and Hillary take point on another platform.

So? That wasn't so bad.

Wow, I've never seen one that long

Randy stokes the fire as another pledge retreat draws to a close.

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