Pledge Raids

Credit for photos and captions, unless noted otherwise, given to period Chapter Historian.

Last updated: Thu, July 24, 2008

What's a pledge raid without blindfolds?

We gathered at Bart's

Olaf only agreed to do this after we charted "Show Mommy how the piggy eats!"

Emily, Linda, and Rachael C. prepare for a hot lesbian make-out session.

Olaf and Patrick bond over pasta.

They may look happy in this picture, but 15 minutes later, Crispy tried to throw Rachel in the pool.

Amanda A

and Chris: Formidable on the gridiron.

Bec, Stephanie, Michele, and Amanda M after a hard-fought game of Porn Scrabble (don't look too closely at the game board).

Stephanie and Kate square off at the pool table.
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