"Sweet Dreams are made of This"
University of Vermont

Credit for photos and captions, unless noted otherwise, given to period Chapter Historian.

Last updated: Thu, July 24, 2008


We party at the banquet! Clockwise from the top left: Torah, Jake, Lisa, Crispy, Stephanie, Smooch, Linda, and Linda's friend Jill.

Linda contemplates her next move during a heated game of Sentzlers.
Crispy and Torah proudly hold aloft the "warm fuzzies " we made during the service project. The look of Crispy's face pretty much says it all.

Torah, Lisa, and Smooch dine at the luxurious UVM accommodations: the floor of the Dining Commons hallway.

Torah spends the weekend the way we knew she would: on the cell phone.

Smooch and Stephanie enjoy a night on the town in Burlington by molesting a local statue.

Jake plays with a souvenir rubber ball, while looking to Satan for guidance.



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