50 years of Kappa Omicron, represented here. Feel the love, baby, feel the love.
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Three founding members of the Kappa Omicron Chapter: Al Shumway, Bill Whitmore and Bill Bennet.

Bill Whitmore, surrounded by representatives of the Spring 2002 Bill Whitmore pledge class.

Amanda A. and Stephanie: Our tireless dedicated party organizers. Thanks a million guys!

Amanda M. and Butch

The beaming faces of APO alumni.

The DJ's booth: Kringle wants to play something traditional but Judy insists on "Smack My Bitch Up".

Every chapter president (past, present or in the case of Amanda future) in attendance.

Every Distinguished Service Key recipient in attendance.

Moriah and Kate eagerly await the results of the roulette wheel.

Olaf and Rachel B.

Doesn't this look like it should be in a Foxwoods brochure?


Judy and Frank

Amanda A, Stephanie and Lisa

Another Big/Little pairing: Smooch and Ryan

Tanya Taylor, her grand-little John, and her little Ally

Gibbler, her little Beth, and Beth's little Laura

Sally Nobrega's family tree. To give you some idea how big this tree is (many members aren't pictured) get a load of this: Sally is Laura's great-great-great-great grand big.

Natalie Farrber, Steve Merrill, and Marilyn Mims.
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