APO Superlatives

Credit for photos and captions given to period Chapter Historian

Most likely never to leave UMass: Butch
Most likely to get lost on the way to their 20 year college reunion: Crispy & Brian  
Snazziest dresser: Ryan  
Dirtiest Minds: Butch & Bec  
Most likely to get carded at her 20 year college reunion: Melissa  
Most oblivious: Michele  
Best insults: Butch  
Best comebacks: Jay  
Best ass: Andy
Best belches: Brian  
Most likely to quit school to be a pro sports team mascot: Kristi  
Most likely to be kicked out of a party: Kringle  
Most likely to conquer the world: Lynn & Mike  
Most likely top be trapped in the APO rumor mill: Alissa  
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