Dear Brothers.

I hope you have enjoyed the fall '99 semester as seen through my eyes (and they eyes of Melissa, Mike, and Jay because some of the pictures are theirs). It is my wish that you will remember the time for what it essentially was: a semester with a great program of community service and a lot of different but equally wonderful people to do it.

Of course there were the usual "issues": the loss and subsequent replacement of our SVP and MVP, silly disagreements, and a lot of candy bars that were never sold. And of course there were many new APO couples (no marriages yet, however...). But what's new? Everything worked itself out as it always seems to do.

Thank you all for everything you do to make this experience meaningful and fun for your fellow brothers and pledges. And now I will leave you with a quote that I hope will help you to hold the meaning of brotherhood within your hearts.

Lyrics from U2 One

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