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Fellowship Fall 1994

Apple picking: Brothers, prospectives, alums, and even brothers visiting from another chapter went to Atkins Farm to pick apples.

Haunted Hayride: Quite a crowd showed up to go to a Haunted Hayride, then out to McDonald 's and finally to Chelsea 's to watch a movie.

Italian food night: One of KO's traditional food nights, it was held at Aimee, Tim , and Nicole 's this fall with plenty of pasta for everyone!

Conclave This fall conclave was held at UMaine-Farmington, their first ever ! Quite a few brothers [enough to win man mile!] and one pledge made the trip up north for the weekend.

Star Wars: The pledge fellowship project was held at Chelsea 's apartment, where pledges and brothers watched the Star Wars movies and talked.

Cabin: The semesterly cabin weekend was held at Camp Marion White in Richmond , MA again this semester. Excellent turnout as almost all the brothers and pledges made it for at least Saturday. Chopping wood, canoeing on the lake; only hearing the Minutemen's loss to Kansas in basketball over the radio marred the weekend.

Banquet: The awards banquet was held at Peking Garden . Brothers came out in the snow ot eat, rpresent awards, install the new Executive Board, and DANCE! came out in the snow to eat, Executive Board, and DANCE ! EWhen the banquet ended a bit early, many brothers went to Aimee, Tim, and Nicole's to play Trivial Persuit.

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