Last updated: Sun, August 3, 2008

It's conclave and KO brothers are pleaying cards; what a suprise ....

[clockwise] Kerry Wilcox, Eric Goldman, Gene Stairs, Butch LaCroix, Aimee Cohen, Jeremy LaFrancois, Calli Quinn, Jon Quint

Gene Stairs pitching at kickball in the gym.

Traditional tying of the napkins [plus a coulple tablecloths]

The [fake] fish who came to dinner.

KO wins man mile!

Jason Reams, Nicole Palumbo, Jon Quint, Jeremy LaFrrancois, Seth Harris, Calli Quinn, Eric Goldman, Christa Lajoie, Kathleen Dunleavy, Kerry Wilcox, Gene Stairs, Heather Engle, Aimee Cohen, Butch LaCroix.

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