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The pledge cocoons: Bob, John, and Carl

Wake up John! Bob Brady, Jon Quint, and Gene Stairs carry John Hogan outside Saturday morning.
Service! Kevin Doyle cutting a log.
How many KO's does it take to break a log? Carl Borden, Mike Stella, and Bob Brady jump on a log to help the chopping along.

Take no prisoners! Julie Asermely, Tracy Whitford, and Chelsea Bradway chop wood.

Kerry Wilcox threatening Butch LaCroix with a chunk of ice.

Kevin Doyle collapses on the pile of mats.

Broccoli Man. 'Nuff said.

Singing Christmas carols along with the radio: Nicole Palumbo, Heather Engle, and Ashia Barton.

Julie Asermely and Heather Engle

Calli Quinn and Kerry Wilcox
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