Last updated: Sun, August 3, 2008

Eric Goldman and Gene Stairs watch as Chelsea Bradway, Jeremy LaFrancois, and Jill Shea get down.

Karen Pudelko receiving a chapter Distinguished Service Key.

Aimee Cohen presenting the Arlen Cup award to Mike Stella.

Group Picture: Calli Quinn, Jana Sorge, Jeremy LaFrancois, John Hogan, Carl Borden, Tracy Whitford, Katey Falvey, Mike Stella, Karen Pudleko, Gene Stairs, Kerry Wilcox, Chelsea Bradway, Nicole Palumbo, Bob Brady, Jason Reams, Jill Shae, Kevin Doyle, Aimee Cohen, Butch LaCroix, Heather Engle

Jeremy and Jill jigging.

"YMCA" by the Village People
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