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Another aspect of fellowship is the perpetration of the pledge raids. Raids were somewhat milder than those of years past and that no dumping was allowed and anyone taken on a raid had to be left off in sight of the Southwest Towers. The Bill Cosby pledge class held a two to one edge over the brotherhood in successful raids. The best raid was undoubtedly the one which brothers Bernie Faucher and Steve Kochoff (a/k/a Putsa) were left off in a large field covered with the defecation of an herbivorous mammal Walkout however was not such successful venture for the pledges. Walkout involves the "kidnapping" of a brother by the pledge class who leave various clues to the brothers as to their whereabouts. Unfortunately pledges Paul D. F. P. Souza put clue No. 1 in envelope No. 11, clue No. 2 in envelope No. 12, etc. Needless to say this is put the brotherhood at a slight advantage. Fifteen minutes before the deadline the pledge class "discovered". A keg party in Cashin followed and good time was had by all. Pledge Souza was later presented with book entitled " How to Count to 10".

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