The banquet was followed by an all-day party at Look Park the next day sponsored by the former pledge class. Hamburgers, hot dogs, and liquid refreshment were consumed by those in attendance, followed by a softball game featuring alumni and graduating seniors versus the undergraduate brothers. The seniors and alumni were victorious in this one due to their superior ability and experience, greater hustle and desire, and mainly because the opposition consumed too much liquid refreshment to know what was happening.

The party started off with a rather tame, innocuous little picnic.

Marty Leffler, an RPI grad, contemplates the conservation of momentum as the ball approaches. Marty assumed constant gravitational field strength and neglected air resistance in his computations.

The infield for the undergrad team converges on a can of Bud.

Leo Edmunds staggers up to the plate.

Dave Stryke takes a mighty swing.

Herb Weiner steps up to bat as the infield tosses around a can of Schlitz.

The brothers' dates cheer the undergrads onto defeat.

The softball game was followed by a rousing game of volleyball. Unfortunately the brothers discovered that there was no volleyball and were forced to use a can of Michelob instead.

This is an Ork. For further information on Orks, consult Jim Giblin
Thus ends a very enjoyable and fruitful Spring semester for Kappa Omicron

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