Probably the biggest project of the semester was Amherst Fair. Under the chairmanship of Mike Meninger, Mark "Toy" Morse, and Freaky Bill Simpson., Amherst Fair was a very successful project. In spite of some rain on the second day we were able to raise a reasonable amount of money for charity from our dart board and handicrafts booth. Our activities included organizing the fair, setting up and taking down the tents, running the dart board and handicrafts booth, judging the pet parade, and cleaning up afterwards. The following pictures illustrate the various activities of Amherst Fair.

Marching Band and Cliff Bryant

Cliff Bryant demonstrates one of the things he learned in Army ROTC training, namely looking important

Gary Zarcone and Mark Morse

According to President Gary Zarcone and Project Chairman Mark Morse, APO really cleaned up at Amherst Fair.

The Amherst Fair also featured rides like the sensational Roundup which defies gravity.

Gary Zarcone and John Cheni
Gary Zarcone and John Cheni get ready to do a little bit of clowning around at the parade.

Bernie Faucher
Bernie Faucher mans the dart board...

... and Linus Deasy man the handcrafts booth.

Marty Leffler and John Chani

Moving right along, here's Marty Leffler getting into the picture as John Chani does his famous imitation of you-know-who.

Here we see two members of the Army ROTC Precision Drill Team in full battle regalia.

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