At Camp Anderson we were fortunate in having good weather and being able to accomplish a lot of things. Some of the accomplishments of this semester included clearing brush, moving mattresses, framing the new cabin, digging a cesspool, digging a trench for water pipes, and draining the pond. The most important accomplishment, according to project chairman Paul Souza, was digging the cesspool since it was a long ride from campus. Fortunately, several pledges "volunteered" for the unpleasant task and we only lost two of them. One particular Camp Anderson project was of special significance, which will be discussed later. The following pictures show the brothers in action at a typical Camp Anderson project.

Project chairman Paul Souza levels the roof of the new cabin as Ed Honeyman supervises. Later on he levels the entire cabin.

Leo Edmonds (right) shows younger brother Alan (left) the correct method of goofing off. In all fairness to Leo and Alan we must add that this picture was taken the morning after.

This is President Gary Zarcone showing off just before the ladder fell.

LaTete made the unfortunate mistake of threatening to have the entire pledge class cut for not working.

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