This was one of the first service projects of the year. APO teamed with GSS to paint the ceiling of the center. Although everyone got covered with paint, it was a blast.

?, Dave Whitney '70, ?

This is a rare, actual photograph of Brother Whitney in the act of working (Whitney later discredited the photograph and said the whole thing was a vicious rumor).


Joe Cosgrove showing off just before the ladder fell!


Joe Cosgrove '70.

Chris Fredericks '70

Our beloved president, Christian Fredericks, who has delusions that he is Michael Angelo and this is the Sistine Chapel (note the small brush).


APO and GSS working together.


Lynn ? GSS, Bev (Bennett) Welsh '72, Sandy Sweet '70, Joe Cosgrove '70

?, ?, Chris Fredericks '70, Bill Gleason '71, Steve Sheiffer '70, ?, ?

Steve Sheiffer decides to change the color of Chris's pants.


They asked for a white ceiling and got a white floor!

Bill Gleason '71, Dave Whitney '70, ?, Joe Cosgrove '70, ?

Photo by Sandy Sweet '70

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