The first meeting of the school year of 1952-53 was held in Room 11 of the Phys Ed Building.  A special meeting for the members was held at 6:15PM in order to prepare to meet the freshmen.  Freshman, or other students interested in APO arrived later from 7:15PM.

October 7, 1952

The meeting place was changed from Rm 10 of the Phys Ed to Rm 3 of Old Chapel.  This will probably be a permanent meeting place fore the rest of the year.  Plans were made to work on getting the pledges down to meetings.  A time was set for members and pledges to work on the bridge over the college pond brook.

October 14, 1952

The meeting was held in Rm 3 of Old Chapel.  Most of the work on the bridge has been finished.  The lumber for the bridge was made available to APO at mo cost through the work of Bill Whitmore, Precedent.  (Initiation) Cards will be sent out to freshmen for the next meeting.  Several pledges worked with the members on the building of the bridge.

Oct 21, 1952

The meeting was held at Old Chapel Rm 3 at 7:00PM.  In spite of the fact that cards were sent out, the turnout of future pledges was poor.  Some routine business was discussed and a motion was made to have an APO outing to Stratton Peak on November 11th . This outing will help get the pledges acquainted with the members of APO.

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