Fall 1964

Kappa Omicron Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega

Submitted by
John A. Kucharski Membership Vice President

The following document was transcribed from original Reference Document (2_mB).

During the fall semester at the University of Massachusetts, this Membership Vice President and his Membership Committee have been kept quite busy with the pledge class, our extension program, and various other phases of the chapter's program.

The pledges were then assigned Big Brothers who would help them In their progress as pledges. They were as follows:

Bob Billings Denny Myshrall
Dave Boyd Steve Pretanik
Dave Cafarelli Dave Arlen
George Dimock Roger Crouse
Kevin Downes John Francisco
Richard Longo Paul Norris
Jim Luippold Larry Reinhart
Joe Mazurkiewicz Glenn More
Ray McGarrigle Howie Nelles
Ted Pease Marty Rosenberg
Harvey Rosen Dave Mitchell
Roy Rider Cliff Johnson
Bill Sockey Ed Skea
Norm Slutsky Ralph Lennon
Crenor Tilley John Goodrich

The pledge requirements for membership were to be as follows: at least fifteen service hours, a minimum of forty brothers' signatures, signatures of two of our advisors - Mr. Alden P. Tuttle and Mr. Dennis E. Lilly plus the signature of Miss Maureen Flavin of the Student Union's R.S.O. Office. The pledges must have all the signatures of the members of their pledge class, mandatory attendance at the pledge project and attendance at two brotherhood meetings, satisfactory grades (70% or higher) on three pledge quizzes and a pledge final, and a favorable recommendation by the Boards of Review. The established standards were rigidly adhered to since it was stressed that a pledge who has failed to fulfill the pledge requirements, with the exception of very extenuating circumstances, need not bother to present himself to the brotherhood as a candidate for active membership.

The pledge meetings were conducted by the Pledge Class President, Ted Pease, with assistance from this vice president and the Pledgemaster, Richard Strecker. There was a film on Parliamentary Procedure and two guest speakers, Mr. Armand DeGrenier of the R.S.O. Office and Mr. Paul Nowill, advisor to Kappa Omicron chapter, past chapter Treasurer, and presently an assistant to the Dean of Men at the University.

On November 11, 1964, a new first again occurred for Kappa Omicron Chapter. On a wet-soaked athletic field, the big brothers squared off to face the pledges in a touch football game. This was the first official Big Brother-Little Brother Get Together with a possible bowling match, softball game, and basketball game to be scheduled during the second semester.

The brothers and pledges played an even game for the first half and the half-time score was 13-12 in favor of the brothers. The second half was completely dominated by the brothers. With John "Flash}! Goodrich directing a passing attack to Denny Myshrall and John Kucharski and with an outstanding defense led by Cliff Johnson, the brothers, paced by thirteen and twelve points from Kucharski and Goodrich respectively, rolled to a decisive 34-12 victory.

Another first this semester by the Membership Committee is the creation of a Big Brother-Little Brother Critique Sheet. The Big Brother evaluates his Little Brother's performance e as a pledge and these recommendations have helped a great deal at this semester's Boards of Review and at the election of pledges.

One of these Critique Sheet is enclosed at the end of this report. Also enclosed at the end of the report are the three pledge quizzes and the pledge final which all pledges must have taken. All questions and correct answers were the responsibility of Pledgemaster Strecker and VP Kucharski.

An advancement in the voting procedures on pledges was established by the Membership Committee this semester.  A great deal of credit must be given to these fellows who helped me this semester. Without them, it is highly unlikely that any of our advancements would have been made. Therefore, I would like to thank Dick Strecker, Ed Skea, Steve Pretanik, Roger Crouse, John Goodrich, Dennis Spinner, Paul Twohig, Larry Benedict, Howie Nelles, Dave Arlen, and anyone else who I might have forgotten as part of my committee. The new procedures on voting on pledges will be as follows:

The format for reviewing pledges will be as follows: Names will be chosen out of a hat and the pledges will be reviewed in the same order as their names appear from the hat. A summary of the pledge's appearance before the Boards of Review and the Boards' recommendation will be announced. The Big Brother will now be allowed to say something if he desires, if not, the Big Brother-Little Brother Critique Sheet will be read. There will be a review of the pledge during his pledge period by either the Pledgemaster or the Second Vice President. The floor will now be open to discussion for pertinent comments. The vote on the pledge will then be taken.  If a secret ballot is asked for, the brothers will cast their vote by writing either "in favor", "against", or "abstain".

Dormitory Captains have been established this semester. Their activities are:

  1. Coordinate activities in their dormitory,
  2. Inform the brothers of chapter projects and solicit their participation,
  3. To inform all prospective pledges of the purpose and program of Alpha Phi Omega.
They have proven quite successful and will be continued in the future.

In the field of extension to other campuses, Ed Skea and yours truly have been very interested. On October 31, 1964, Ed Skea, Cliff Johnson, Roger Crouse, and yours truly again visited the University of Vermont and the interested Alpha Phi Omega group there. We planned future activities for this group with suggestions how their membership might grow. On November 10, 1964, Ed Skea, Ross Jones, and yours truly visited Worcester Polytechnic Institute to help their petitioning group. After a discussion of. about two hours, we from Kappa Omicron chapter felt they were ready for National affiliation. This was verified that same evening since a letter from the National Office was received which stated that Kappa Omicron chapter would supply the installing team for this new chapter. Kappa Omicron was extremely proud on December 18, 1964 as we installed Worcester Tech as Omicron Iota Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega. We hope that we can perform this service again in the near future.

The conclusion of the Membership Program came to its climax on December 17, 1964 with the initiation of thirteen new brothers - Bob Billings, Dave Boyd, George Dimock, Kevin Downes, Richard Longo, Jim Luippold, Joseph Mazurkiewicz, Ray McGarrigle, Ted Pease, Harvey Rosen, Bill Sockey, Norm Slutsky, and Trenor Tilley with Dave Cafarelli and Roy Rider having extensions granted to them.

Respectfully submitted,

John A. Kucharski,
Membership Vice President
Kappa Omicron Chapter, Fall 1964

Pledge Quiz #1

  1. Who was the founder of Alpha Phi Omega?
    • Frank Reed Horton
  2. Were and when was the national fraternity founded?
    • Lafayette College, December 16, 1925
  3. What are the four fields of service of Alpha Phi Omega?

    • Service to campus
    • Service to community
    • Service to nation
    • Service to chapter
  4. What was the founders' purpose in establishingAlpha Phi Omega?
    1. To make an organization for college men that cooperated with all youth movements, especially scouting.
    2. To establish a service program to help people in need everywhere and do service on the campus of each chapter.
  5. Who is the "Service V.P." of Kappa Omicron chapter?
    • Al Mince
  6. Who is the “Recording Secretary"?
    • Denny Myshrall
  7. Who is the "Alumni Secretary"?
    • Dave Arlen
  8. How many pledge hours do you currently have?
  9. Who is your Big Brother?

Pledge Quiz #2

  1. Who is the NationalTreasurer?
    • Manny Aws
  2. Name any five service projects that the chapter conducts on campus.
    • Ushering
    • Homecoming
    • Parade
    • BX
    • Ride board
    • Homecoming Concert
    • etc.
  3. Who is our chapter's Treasurer?
    • Roger L. Crouse
  4. What are the three cardinal principles of the chapter?
    • Service
    • Leadership
    • Friendship
  5. Where is the National Office located?
    • 1100 Waltower Building, Kansas City, Mo., 64106
  6. Who is Ronald Turgeon?
    • New England Sectional Representative to the Executive Board of Alpha Phi Omega.
  7. Who can vote at a National Convention?
    • Each chapter has two votes represented by one or two delegates.
    • The members of the National Executive Board have one vote each.
  8. 8. What obligation does a chapter officer take?
    • To faithfully discharge the duties of his office to the best of his ability and to give liberally of his time and energy in directing this service program.
  9. Who may become active members?
    • All college men enrolled in the college or university in which the chapter is located and who are or have been affiliated with Scouning nationally or in their own country.
  10. Who or what is the supreme authority of Alpha Phi Omega?
    • The National Convention.
  11. (BONUS - 5%)Who is Dean Nowotny?
    • Former National President of Alpha Phi Omega from 1946-1950
  12. (BDMJS - 10%)Write the Toast Song.

Pledge Quiz #3