Present; Farrell, Mitchell, Obue, Popple, Johnson, Nowill, Cleveland, Tuttle (A.), Tuttle (J.), Haynes, Tryba, Wilkinson, Foley, Lilly, Cheren

  1. The fifth regular meeting of Kappa Omicron chapter was called to order at 7:02 p.m. by President Jim Farrell in the Hampden Room of the Student Union.
  2. The secretary's report was read and accepted.
  3. UN Week Committee
    Committee report enclosed.  It was moved (Cleveland) and seconded that APO formally approved actions so far taken by the UN Week committee.  The motion was passed.
  4. Work Camp - Haynes
    The next work camp is tentatively scheduled for April 28.
  5. Amherst Fair - Tuttle
    APO was officially running the civilian division of the parade. 
  6. Pledge Meeting
    minutes enclosed
  7. Awards committee - Haynes
    Report of committee enclosed
      the Committee moved:
    1. Alden P. Tuttle award be set up for outstanding projects.  Mr. Tuttle to receive a plaque for his personal possession and another plaque to be awarded yearly to outstanding individuals so named.  The awards are to be paid for by member donations.
    2. That the 1961-1962 award go to Jack Kooyoomjian for his outstanding work on the Book Exchange..  The motion was seconded and unanimously passed.
    3. That a Distinguished Server Certificate be awarded to Dennis B. Lilly.  The motion was seconded and unanimously passed
  8. Membership committee - Obue
    report enclosed
  9. Chapter Room Fund
    Last week's motion was voted on at this time.  The motion read "Move that the Chapter Room Fund to be liquidated in all monies be returned to the brothers involved.  The motion passed (8 - 2 - 0).
    It was moved and seconded (Popple - Tuttle) that the Financial Motion of APO of May 15, 1961 be repealed.  The motion passed.
  10. Fellowship committee - Cheren
    • It was moved (Cheren) that on April 9 at 8:15 p.m. there be a joint refreshment hour for the members of APO and WSO, the cost of which will be shared equally by the two organizations.  The motion was seconded by Dick Haynes.
    • An amendment (Tuttle - Mitchell) was proposed to replace the words referring to the cost to read "the cost of which will be paid for by the individuals involved".  The amendment passed (6 - 4 - 0).
    • Motion passed (10 - 1).  The motion in its final form read "move that on April 9, 1962 and 8:15 p.m. there be a joint refreshed in power for the members of APO and WSO, the cost of which will be paid for by solicited contributions."
  11. Science Fair
    Richard Higgins of the Engineering Department asked for members to guide exhibitors to buildings on campus at 11 a.m. on Saturday, April 7 leaving from the Student Union.
  12. Nominating Committee; Tuttle, Cheren, Cleveland, Mitchell, Nowill, Wilkinson, Popple.
  13. Awards committee
    • Move that certificates of merit be awarded to Brothers Cleveland, Popple, Nowill, Mitchell, Belanger, Kooyonnjian, Obue, and Haynes.  Motion passed.
    • Brother Mitchell moved to amend the motion to read in addition, if possible, endorsement of a special project or cause be entered on the certificate.  Amendment passed (7-4).
    • Moved the spring pledge day be named Harold M. Gore.  The motion was amended to add that the historian be instructed to prepare me "thumbnail" biography of Harold M.Gore for the chapter log and possibly presentation at the banquet.
    • Moved (Tuttle - Mitchell) that KO suggests to the National Executive Board the fall Pledge Class be named after Dag Hammershield.  The motion passed.
  14. UN Week

    Moved (Cleveland) that $10 be appropriated for incidental running expenses of the committee, with the hope of future reimbursements.  The motion passed unanimously.

  15. WSO - APO coordinating

    It was moved to that in APO-WSO Coordinating Committee not be appointed.  (Mitchell -- Haynes) the motion passed.

  16. It was moved and seconded that KO casts a favorable vote for the admission of Princeton University, Nebraska State, and Davidson College into membership of APO.  Motion passed.  Materials enclosed.
  17. Meeting adjourned at 8:37 p.m.

Respectfully submitted
Lawrence Popple
Recording Secretary

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